The invisible record

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The Invisible Record Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Package

  1. Wild Faye
  2. Horse
  3. Tomorrow Never Knows on the 45
  4. Bluebird
  5. All in a Day's Work
  6. Book of Ages
  7. Freedom Bells
  8. Life and Death Can't Change That
  9. Humming Song
  10. The Mountain
"I’ve been a fan of Jacob since his first album. This is his most realized and developed work to date. His sense of atmosphere and instrumentation is always beautiful and evocative.……”Joe Chiccarelli - Producer/Mixer (White Stripes, Spoon, Morrissey, The Shins)
  1. Limited edition CD - This edition is limited to 500 copies, get it while you can. Each cd cover is signed and numbered.
  2. Handmade Cover Art, The cover artwork and poster were designed by Sarah Golden and screen printed and signed by me (Jacob). These are each made by hand so each copy will be look little unique.
  3. Photo Postcard with a hand written note made out to you or a friend (Please specify if you are getting this for a friend so I know the correct name.).
  4. Digital Download of the album. Choose from MP3 or WAV files.

*Note: I will ship anywhere in the world via USPS First Class (which includes tracking) however be advised that as I have to legally ship my cd's as 'merchandise' and they may be subject to your countries's Customs Taxes/Vat etc...Each country is different so please look into that in case you have to pay an extra fee on your end.

The Invisible Record - Digital Download

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