Hey there! Perhaps you saw me perform my songs over at TedX? Here's a little more about me and my music. 

My name is Jacob Golden. I’m an independent singer/songwriter.I blend the early influences of 60's/70's folk with the great modern music, film, books and ideas that continue to inspire me as a writer. I care about writing good songs and connecting with people, and I pour my heart into my songs - it is what I’m meant to do. I’m based in Sacramento CA but I’ve spent most of my time in England where I was previously signed to Rough Trade Records. Mojo Magazine called my last album, “Revenge Songs”, “the most gorgeous break-up record since Beck’s ‘Sea Change’”. My third album, and my first to be released in the US, is called The Invisible Record. You can order a cd or download here.

I do things a little different, I don't aspire to me any sort of a 'rock star'. I treat my music as an artisanal business. It is my practice, It is 'hand made'. You can order a cd off of my website and it comes directly from me. A lot of times when I tour I play folks living rooms, it's makes for a much more intimate experience for me and my audience.

I also have a small but growing community of folks that I call my 'Inner Circle'. They help to support my music by pledging a couple dollars for each song I share. This gives me a great way to build a sustainable income for my art and helps me to take it further. The community is open to all. You can learn more here - www.patreon.com/jacobgolden

Anyway, It's nice to meet you and feel free to write me your thoughts and ideas. I can be reached at - info@jacobgolden.com

You can also follow my adventures on social media: