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I make and release my own records. This is the easy part thanks to the internet. What's not so easy is making a living as a professional musician without the aid of a record company and or a day job. I give every extra minute I can to my music, just ask my wife, I'm obsessed with writing and recording. I would happily spend all day, every day doing that and I hope I get the chance to do so again. I feel like my best work is ahead of me.

Most people are familiar with Kick Starter and the term Crowd Funding. Basically everyone kicks in a few bucks and things happen. The thing about Kick Starter though is it's a one time thing. You can't create a sustainable income with it. Patreon was created to solve this problem. It allows artists, musicians, youtubers etc...To create their art and the people that love and want to support that artist agree to kick in a few dollars each time the artist shares a piece of content. In my case a song/recording. It's direct-support to the artist, which help keeps the lights on and the fans get access to songs that aren't available to download anywhere else. It's like you as a fan are commissioning me as an artist to write songs and you get downloads from me each month as my thanks.
Since I started using Patreon in October 2015 I've shared an average of two songs a month. These songs are not available elsewhere to download, they may at some point be released on albums but for now, those recordings are only for the people that subscribe to my Patreon. These songs have been a mix of rare recordings from my vault, covers, demos and b-sides from my newest album and live solo acoustic recordings. It's been great to have an unofficial way of sharing these songs with my supporters.

Moving forward, I've begun to write my next album and Patreon is where I will be debuting the songs as I write them.  I will also be sharing covers and solo acoustic versions of my older songs as well.

By supporting me on Patreon by pledging a couple bucks per song (whatever you can afford). You get to share in an intimate part of my writing process as well as know you are enabling me to spend more time working on my music. Each person that subscribes also get's access to my Private Facebook group where you can interact with me and share your thoughts on what I'm sharing.

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