The Invisible Record

Released Jan 2016

A meticulously crafted DIY record of off-kilter folk songs, the album was lovingly recorded by Jacob in a Portland Basement. Running his voice and guitar through amps and old speakers, whittling those performances down until they sounded just right. The vibe is a paranoid, blissed out and sad lullaby.

Love for - The Invisible Record:

“I’ve been a fan of Jacob since his first album. This is his most realized and developed work to date. His sense of atmosphere and instrumentation is always beautiful and evocative.” Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Spoon, Morrissey)

“The album is the most haunting thing I've heard for a long time, there's nothing that breaks it up, the emotion in it is so incredible in places I got the chills.” Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes)

Revenge Songs

Release Jan 2007 (Echo/Sawtooth)

Revenge Songs is packed with integrity and more than its fair share of intrigue. Out Come The Wolves is a breathtakingly acute pop song that seems to inhabit some kind of lost-future landscape peopled by the ghosts of Zager and Evans (In The Year 2525) and The Mamas and Papas. Indeed, Jacob’s microcosmic/ macrocosmic take on the American Bubble is all but impenetrable: “Out come the wolves/the hunting of our great American idols/but the ants will march until their Queen/has come god damn downtown James Brown - what’s taken you so long/your kids are starving” although another line “the weeping wall of music sings but radio has lost that loving feeling” implies an innocent daydream has become a kind of nightmare.

Love for - Revenge Songs:

  • "Arguably the work of the greatest singer songwriter of the current generation." CLASH MAGAZINE
  • "The most gorgeous breakup record since Beck’s Sea Change" MOJO
  • “It’s a hell of a voice that sets Jacob Golden apart…” Uncut

Songs from an Imaginary record

Released 2005

Available on Bandcamp

I made it 2004/2005 before I started writing/recording Revenge Songs. I was obsessed with Talk Talk (Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock), Stina Nordenstam (Little Star), The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Mum, The Carpenters and Mercury Rev. 
A lot of the songs I wrote while I still lived in London. I recorded the album in Portland obsessing over the tiniest of details. Listen to this album in a good pair of headphones and you will hear layer upon layer of micro sounds. 
A lot of songs started out on, guitar, and upright piano, craigslist musicians were hired- cello, violin , viola, upright bass, My friend Nick Jaina played some Rhodes Piano, Becky (June) sang and played piano and Gavin Bowes (Birthday played some drums). Then I spent months upon months, stretching and chopping up the sounds, programming an old Roland 606 drum machine etc.... Looking back, I get really emotional when I listen to it. I hope you love it!

Hallelujah World

Release Jan 2002 (Rough Trade)

After the breakup of Birthday, Jacob, moved from Sacramento to London to release music on Rough Trade. This was the first full length album.

Love for - HW:

"Golden is a gifted singer indeed, his voice choir boy pure here, ghostly there, and the chorus of Play for Life, gripping, unhinged and desperate. All very impressive." James McNair - Mojo