Learning To Make Music Is Hard

There are plenty of ways to learn to play the guitar or record. But learning how to find your voice and how to write and capture your songs in a way that brings out the best of you as an artist is challenging.

When I was a kid learning to make music, I didn't really have any great mentors. My mentors were the musicians that I loved and albums that I poured over but it's not like I could ask them for feedback on my songs.

After years of almost supernatural will power I was able to work and get feedback from actual Record Producers, folks that made albums with world-class bands like Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything, U2, Blur, The White Stripes, Spoon. These guys are like oracles who know how to encourage and push an artist forward at the same time. Unfortunately, unless you are signed to a recording contract and have ten's of thousands to spend to hang out with these guys, then this 'real world' help is simply out of reach for most artists.

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I feel like it's really important to teach what you know.

I have 20+ years of knowledge and direct experience to share:

  • Singing,

  • Songwriting,

  • Recording,

  • Performing,

  • Being in a band,

  • Writing lyrics

  • Finding your own voice in music.

I’m offering one-on-one mentoring sessions. These sessions will be a little different depending on where you are at with your music, but generally it would involve you playing your music, demos, songs, ideas, beats, mixes whatever it is you are working on and I give you my feedback and advice, which I promise you will be honest but always encouraging. I can point out things you may be overlooking, help you to zoom in on areas to work on and offer ways of bringing out more of what it is you do.

What does mentoring look like?

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Beginners are welcome! For some it may be starting from the very beginning, helping you find and develop your voice or instrument. Or you may have been playing for a while and you need a bit of a  push and some objectivity to help you really find your voice as an artist. Or you may already have been playing in bands and recording and you need more of a producer to help give you objective feedback on your mixes. Maybe you want to come to me as a full band and I can offer feedback on your arrangements and help you fine tune your songwriting. It really all depends on your situation.

What does it cost?

I’m offering a free introductory session to discuss your music and how I could possibly help you. It’s a way to see if we are creatively a good match and to get a taste of what the mentoring process is like. This intro session runs 15-20 minutes. Just send me an email at info@jacobgolden.com and we will schedule a time to talk.

My fee is $125 per session. This includes one 40 minute one-on-one session with me either over skype or in person (if you are in Sacramento) plus up to 4 emails correspondence per session. You can send me songs you are working on and run ideas past me. There is no long term commitment. You can purchase one session at a time, or save by buying three sessions for $325 or six session for $600 ($100 per session).

How Does It Work?

This is open to folks from all over the world. We will schedule a 40 minute Skype session for each session you buy. Before the session I will send you a questioner, so I can get to know you as an artist, your influences, goals and any links to music you have. I want to know your creative goals and what you are frustrated with or areas you would like some guidance in. During your session we will talk about your musical and artistic goals, go over your songs, talk about the best way of recording what you do, you can play me your mixes (if you are already recording) etc...It all depends what you want to get out of each session. We can focus heavily on one song or more broadly over a group of songs, or maybe you just want some general feedback on your performance, singing, recording etc...I'm here to give you solid, honest feedback and help you to grow any way I can.

If you are in the Sacramento area and I am not touring then I’m open to meeting in my studio.

How Do We Get Started?

Choose which option you want: either one session, three, or six sessions. Click the Buy Sessions button (which is safe and secure via Shopify), you can pay via credit card or paypal. I will send you an email to get some information about your music and your goals and to coordinate a time for our session.

If you have any questions whatsoever send me an email. - info@jacobgolden.com

About me:

I’ve been making music since the age of 12. I’ve played in many bands, have signed a number of recording and publishing contracts. with a number of labels including Rough Trade Record, Warners UK, Echo, Chrysalis and Warner Chappell. I’ve traveled the world both with a band and as a solo artist. I’ve supported many world-class artists including: Echo and the Bunnyman, The Libertines, Low, Ben Christophers and Frank Turner. I've song on songs alongside Michael Stipe and Faultline. I’ve recorded in world-class studios including, Abbey Road and The Library in London. I’ve performed on Later with Jools Holland alongside Sheryl Crowe and Hot Chip and I’ve released three critically acclaimed albums, The last two I recorded and mixed myself. I’ve also worked with other great producers and engineers including, Jon Smith (Blur, William Orbit), David Kosten (Everything Everything, Bat for Lashes) and Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, The Raveonettes) and Cenzo Townshend  (US, Florence and the Machine) . I’m an active working musician, writing and recording and playing shows, I’ve just released my latest album The Invisible Record. 
This is what Joe Chiccarelli who’s produced/engineered records for Spoon, Morrisey and the White Stripes had to say about it - 

“I’ve been a fan of Jacob since his first album. This is his most realized and developed
work to date. His sense of atmosphere and instrumentation is always beautiful and
evocative. Songs like “Bluebird” and “Tomorrow Never Knows on the 45” tell his story
with rich vocals and strong imagery. ……”

Here's a feature on my recording process in Sound on Sound: