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Indie Singer/Songwriter - Revenge Songs/The Invisible Record

Hello, My name is Jacob Golden.

I’m an indie singer/songwriter with an equal love for Nick Drake and The National. I make dark folk songs with psychedelic undertones. 

I’m proudly based in Sacramento CA

Thanks for visiting my site.

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Here's a clip of my latest mix I just uploaded to my Patreon. Definitely, my indie-rock side shining through. Download the song and follow along as a chisel out a Record at

Happy Fall!

I've been dividing my creative time into two recording projects. The first is what's looking to be the next 'Jacob Golden' solo album and the second is a cover album of songs from The Battle of Land and Sea (which is almost done). I'm still in the writing phase for the next solo album but I have been recording a ton and letting the songs mature a bit over time as I come back to them and make little changes.

One interesting thing I've been doing as I record is sharing versions of the songs on Patreon. I'm giving fans the opportunity of watching the albums being born. It's an interesting process. I'm enjoying it. As I'm diving deep into these projects I get to see folks reacting to the new songs- which is feeding my inspiration. Folks get to hear a bit deeper into my creative process, as I share a bit about the inspiration for a song as well. Not every song will make the final album of course. Some songs will be reworked, changed or even scraped as I go.

My goal is to have 100 patrons backing me on Patreon. This will help pay for the recording of strings and other musicians, mastering, artwork etc. Please check it out. It's the best way to hear my newest unreleased music and support what I do.

All the best to you and yours!


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