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My community is made up of the good folks that push me forward on this journey as an independent musician. Although I've worked with labels in the past, I feel the best way forward for me artistically and professionally is with the help of a community. This keeps things really simple, I can make the music I'm inspired to with no influence from a company that may or may not have the best interest in mind. I make music and share it with you and you pitch in what you can to help offset the cost of making records, promoting them, equipment and travel. It's through your generosity that I'm able to do this and I am eternally grateful that you value my music enough to support it directly. 

As a member of my community, you will be the first to know as I'm working on new songs and records. I will email you with downloads of new songs as I share them (usually twice a month) These are the songs I write that you can't buy on itunes/spotify etc... a lot of rare stuff, new songs and covers of my favorite songs. 

Anyone who donates $10 a month or more gets a free download of all my music old and new! *

There are two ways of joining my community:

Join My Community with a MONTHLY DONATION:

Everyone who donates at any level will get downloads of each new song I share (usually twice a month) and anyone who donates $10 a month or more gets a free download of all my music old and new!*
  • ☕ $3 / month
  • ★ $7 / month
  • ♪ $10 / month
  • ♫ $15 / month
  • ♥ $25 / month
Monthly Amount

1. Pick a donation amount that works for you. Something between a cup of coffee and a nice dinner! Whatever you can do is great! 

2. Hit, the Donate Now button, where you can plug in your info (It's safe and secure via Paypal) this is set up as a monthly recurring donation and you can change the amount or cancel at anytime if your situation changes.

3. That's it, sit back and know you are helping me do my thing. You will get an email from me with many thanks and downloads for my music, I will also let you know each time a share a new song and send you the download link.


Head over to and become a patron of mine there. It's a really cool site for indie artists, you can pledge your support for the artists you love. There are cool perks and rewards and a nice platform where you can interact with me. Check it out - 

* I will send you a download of my albums and ep's and as long as you donate $10 a month or more each time I put out new music you will get a free download, be it album, ep, live song etc...