There were so many times I thought about just erasing my hard drive.

I just sat down and listened to my new album all the way through for the first time. I've been working on this thing off and on for the last seven years of my life, well that's kind of misleading cause did I throw and start from scratch a number of times, then there was that time when I quit singing and started running long distance for several years (I guess I needed to trade in one kind of suffering for another for awhile). Well, today I got two large boxes in the mail stuffed full of cd's containing my new album.

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Tomorrow Never Knows on the 45

Here's my new summertime jam, just in time for fall. It's about completely losing yourself for better of worse in the music. I promise there were no drugs harmed during the making of this song and no vegetables were used as alternative percussion on this one. I guess I wear my Beatles fandom on my sleeve, but really it's just about the bliss I feel when I tap into a proper melody and find some sweet lyrics to fill my cup up with. Much love to my friends where ever you are!

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A little help from my friends!

This feels a bit like stage diving at an Iron and Wine concert but I know there are loving hands out there to catch me! I've been looking for creative ways of making a living with my music. I really believe this is possible. My plan is to keep putting out music, beyond my new record. I see my job as pushing myself as an artist, writing, recording, sharing, repeat. 

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I have a new song for you called Horse. It’s about the ride, the struggle, the work, the people, the fall, the darkness and standing up and doing it again.

The song Horse is off my upcoming album The Invisible Record (out Jan 22nd).

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Album Update

So...a couple things. Update- My Preorder Release Date is Nov 20th. You can order both the cd and the digital download directly from my site here - The Global release for Itunes/Spotify Jan 22nd

Yay!!!! but I will try my best to get everyone who preorders the record the music well before that....

I'm finishing up the last half of the record now doing some drums, a bit more cello and still wrestling with Bluebird (damn that song!) but it's getting there. The last six songs are scheduled to be mastered on the Sep 16th. Nothing like a hard deadline to put the fire under my ass.

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