Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

One of my favorite albums of the 1960’s is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. Even though it fits the vibe of that era, it really lives in its own universe. I recently learned this song for a Pet Sounds 50th-anniversary show I played in Sacramento. I found this song to be a real challenge to sing, Brian’s voice is so innocent and effortless sounding on the record. I had to internalize the lyrics and find my own way with the song. The main performance is me singing and playing guitar live in my home studio. I sang the song ten times over a couple days and picked my favorite take (#7), I then layered some electric guitar to bring out some of the darker ndercurrents. I played some glockenspiel, then dubbed out my voice a bit with my trusty Disaster Transport delay/reverb pedal.

The video is simply me recording and cutting between the instruments, it’s not meant to be a music video, just a document of my recording process. You can get a download of this recording by subscribing to my Patreon. I do these recordings for the love of making music and if you’d like to support my work and see and hear more of my songs the best way to get involved is to visit -

Jacob Golden