An Imaginary EP

I've just uploaded an EP to my Bandcamp page. I made in 2004/2005 before I started writing/recording Revenge Songs. I was listening to a lot of Four Tet, Talk Talk (Spirit of Eden), Stina Nordenstam (Little Star), The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Mum, The Carpenters and Mercury Rev. A lot of the songs I wrote while I still lived in London. I recorded the album in Portland obsessing over the tiniest of details. Listen to this album in a good pair of headphones and you will hear layer upon layer of micro sounds.

This isn't a pure acoustic record, although a lot of songs started out that way, guitar, and upright piano, a lot of craigslist musicians cello, violin, viola, upright bass, Nick Jaina played some Rhodes Piano, Becky (June) sang and played piano and Gavin from (Birthday) played some drums.

Then I spent months upon months, stretching and chopping up the sounds, programming an old Roland 606 drum machine etc....driving myself a bit crazy in the process, I think I might have messed up my vision a bit staring at a bad computer screen in a dark, damp portland basement.

Looking back, I get really emotional when I listen to this. The lyrics are pretty soul bearing, A lot of father shit- regret anger and tears. Musically it sounds a little different, maybe a little closer to my first mini record for Rough Trade. There are beats and analog synth, which I haven't had on my last two records.

I've had this hidden away for a long time, cause it's a little different and I tend to want to have my records to have a consistent sound, but I've got a lot to say and not all of it's gonna fit in the same genre. I geek out on everything from Boards of Canada to Nick Drake so I've got to express all those colors you know.

I hope you like(love) it.

Jacob Golden