The Great Disappearing Act (Patreon Supported Song)

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This recording has never been heard before besides a couple of close friends and I may have played it at a few shows over the years. It's another outtake from my new album. Well, it actually sits in between Revenge Songs and the new one. This one was recorded in Portland at my old stomping grounds (The magic closet) with the backing vocals recorded in a Sacramento parking garage (to make use of that huge reverb) with a group of friends. We would go in late at night throw down a laptop and crank it up loud enough to hear the track and press record before the security guard would chase us out of there. The lyrics to this one are really dear to me, they come from a dark time there is a real truth about them for me. Yeah, there's a pretty blatant Kinks reference and I remember being obsessed with an underground hip hop artist named Aesop Rock (not asap rocky) good lyricist. In the end, it was a little too Americana for The Invisible Record, but I still really love the track and I hope you enjoy hearing a little bit of my lost catalogue.

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