Sunset Cherokee- Invisible Outtake and DIY video

This is an outtake from The Invisible Record. Download this song and support my ongoing work as a musician by joining my Patreon.


The video source is of course from the classic Night of the Living Dead (1968 by George A. A. Romero). It is a classic of the genre and I humbly use this footage which is in the Public Domain as a tiny tribute to his important work as a filmmaker. I re-contextualized the movie in the context of the song which is in part about feeling mired in one's own unconscious (Yes, I’ve read a lot of Carl Jung), Like when you find yourself running in a dream but are not able to make any progress. I love the photography in this film and tried to capture a bit of its beauty and tenderness- the hands touching and facial expressions.I’m letting the horror play about more in the corners (yes there is some scary stuff in this film). Lastly, I'm not claiming to be any sort of filmmaker, I'm simply a fan of this film and feel it resonates well with the inspiration for my song in my own mind.

There are a lot of spots in the editing where I reversed the footage, It’s always fun to see life happen in reverse. At one point, I accidentally reversed the entire song and was smitten how my song suddenly took the rough shape of some long lost Sigor Ros b-side ; ) …. So I left that in as part of the work!


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