Album Update

So...a couple things. Update- My Preorder Release Date is Nov 20th. You can order both the cd and the digital download directly from my site here - The Global release for Itunes/Spotify Jan 22nd

Yay!!!! but I will try my best to get everyone who preorders the record the music well before that....

I'm finishing up the last half of the record now doing some drums, a bit more cello and still wrestling with Bluebird (damn that song!) but it's getting there. The last six songs are scheduled to be mastered on the Sep 16th. Nothing like a hard deadline to put the fire under my ass.

I will be putting out new songs from now until the album is released. The next song 'Horse' will land next week. I originally talked about putting out a song a week but.... well i'm only one person and it turns out putting out a record is hard work so it's looking more like every two weeks for new songs.

Oh yeah i'm working on west coast US shows for November. I want to hit, Sacramento, Nevada City, S.F. Salem, Portland, LA maybe Boise??? any other places that should be on my radar? I'm mainly into playing living room shows and intimate venues, unless some great festival comes about ; ) .... Then East Coast/UK Shows for spring/summer...Hit me up with ideas if you want to host a living room show or know of a cool spot i can play.

Alright...Back to working on my record!