Revenge Song Words and Thoughts

Helen Helen Troy I drew your picture as a boy, A woman mightier then all I slept and took a nasty fall into the poison arms of fear my mama left me with a broken hearted souvenir and that's exactly why I'm here...REVENGE SONG

I remember writing that verse pretty quick and not really knowing where else to go with it. I thought it might just be a little dity or throw away. I played it for Sarah and I could tell it connected. This put the wind in my sails to finish it. We were living in Silverlake California. I would run around the hills surrounding our little cottage. This guitar line would go round and round in my head. It took me a while to be happy with all the words. Lots of little tweaks. Later I recorded the song in Portland during a hard rain. It's a simple song but one that I would let represent me and that time If I had to pick.