Listen to my first demo for Wild Faye in all it's rawness...

I normally don't play my demos for people other then my wife or my collaborators. It makes me feel a little squeamish the idea of people hearing my songs in their primordial raw states. It often takes me a long time to get the lyrics to a point that I'm happy with, but there is something special when a song first happens, before the details are sorted out and I'm still playing with how to approach it. When I know that I've happened upon an idea worth pursuing but I'm still feeling it out.

I think it will be interesting for folks to compare my four track demo of Wild Faye to the final album version. Hopefully I didn't fuck it up somewhere along that path.

Have a listen to my 4-track demo and become part of my inner circle by pledging a couple dollars. It's a neat look into my artistic process and it really helps support me as an independent artist. hope to see you there!

Jacob Golden