A little help from my friends!

This feels a bit like stage diving at an Iron and Wine concert but I know there are loving hands out there to catch me! ; ) 
I've been looking for creative ways of making a living with my music. I really believe this is possible. My plan is to keep putting out music, beyond my new record. I see my job as pushing myself as an artist, writing, recording, sharing, repeat. 
I think the best way for folks to hear my songs are to just put them out there for free. I will be selling small batch limited edition cds and hopefully vinyl in my shop but my main goal is to have as many people hear my music as possible by putting out my songs as free downloads or "pay what you can". I think it’s a great model for exposing people to new music, I love that I can be working on something in my studio and an hour later people are listening to it in England (Yay Internet!) but I also need to pay rent and you know buy food...eeh (did i just say that?) Anyway you've got to be creative! 
So here is what I'm doing. I've started a patreon campaign. (it's kind of like Kick Starter) but instead of a single project it's a way for fans to support the artists they love in an ongoing fashion. Instead of a single date (like buying a record) it's like going steady. Basically you can pledge a certain amount per song/release and in return you get access to all my music and demos, unreleased stuff...it's gonna be cool. 
My goal is to eventually totally support myself and my family with my music. I know I can do it without selling my soul in the process (i've done that before and it doesn't feel good). So......Check out my page on Patreon and if you love what I do consider joining me on this crazy DIY independent music adventure. I’d love to see you there.
Thank you! Thank you! xo, jacob